With an abundance of fresh local blueberries now is the time to take advantage of their potent natural cancer fighting properties!   Berries and other colorful fruits are abundant in the beneficial antioxidant compounds called polyphenols, many of which also function as bright pigments.  Blueberries are among the highest!   Most plant polyphenols demonstrate beneficial cardiovascular and anti-cancer effects in research studies.  These findings dovetail with population studies that link higher intake of colorful fruits and vegetables to lower rates of cancer and heart disease.
In other words, berries may offer natural chemotherapeutic benefits, without the adverse effects associated with most chemotherapy drugs.


Try this for breakfast in your blender!
8 oz purified water
1 small handful parsley
1 small handful lettuce
1 small handful of kale (stem removed)
nice chunk of fresh ginger
1 banana
1 apple
a squeeze of lime

    Add a bit of water if your smoothie is too thick