Health Benefits of Kale
Some of us think of Kale as the leafy green they use in the deli to decorate all the salads and take home dishes.  Well, it is probably one of the most nutritious foods on the planet!  Kale is not only one of the more beautiful cruciferous vegetables, but is often called the #1 cancer fighter in the plant kingdom. Here are a few really good  reasons to eat kale, and eat it often.  I will be putting up numerous recipes that include Kale so if you do not appreciate eating it raw in your salad, no worry, we will 'sneak it in' some great recipes.  

Diet and Digestion 

One cup of kale has only 36 calories and zero grams of fat, which makes it a great diet aid. Furthermore, one cup contains nearly 20% of the RDA of dietary fiber, which promotes regular digestion, prevents constipation, lowers blood sugar and curbs overeating.


Kale is a superstar in the arena of carotenoids and flavonoids, two powerful antioxidants that protect our cells from free radicals that cause oxidative stress which is the main culprit in all disease. The key flavonoids kaempferol and quercitin (not to dismiss the 45 other distinctive flavonoids in kale) have also been shown to specifically fight against the formation of cancerous cells.   Anti-Inflammatory   

One cup of kale provides about 10% of the RDA of omega-3 fatty acids that helps regulate the body's inflammatory process. A mega-dose of vitamin K further aids to fight against excessive inflammatory-related problems, such as arthritis, autoimmune disorders, and asthma.  Inflammation is a bio- marker Doctors can now use to predict risk of degenerative disease.  Reducing inflammation is critical to long term good health.  


Not only do kale's antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities work together to prevent and even combat cancer, a healthy diet of kale also provides glucosinolates, which have been shown to prevent colon, breast, bladder, prostate, ovarian cancers, as well as gastric cancer. Cardiovascular Support  

The high fiber content of kale lowers our cholesterol by binding with bile acids that the liver produces from cholesterol for digesting fat.  


The isothiocyanates (ITC) from glucosinolates found in kale aid in both phases I and II of the body's detoxification process. The high sulfur content of kale has further been shown essential for phase II of detoxification. Vitamin K  

Kale provides a whopping dose of vitamin K (providing 1327% of the RDA in one cup), which is necessary for the synthesis of osteocalcin, a protein that strengthens the composition of our bones. Vitamin K also prevents calcium build-up in our tissue that can lead to atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease and stroke.   Vitamin A  

With over 192% of the RDA of vitamin A, one cup of kale is an effective antioxidant, boosts immunity, maintains healthy bones and teeth, prevents urinary stones, and is essential to our reproductive organs. Vitamin C  

Vitamin C, which one cup of kale heartily provides (over 88% of our RDA), is not only a powerful antioxidant, but also lowers blood pressure, ensures a healthy immune system, and fights against age-related eye diseases, such as cataracts and macular degeneration. EAT YOUR KALE!

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