Weight Loss and Wellness Group

                     Being overweight is not a weight issue it is a health issue. If you have tried Yo-Yo dieting and drastic measures to lose unwanted weight only to regain and then some, this group is for you. Come join us as we learn the keys to achieving permanent weight loss. Find freedom from emotional eating, develop a healthy relationship with food, learn to prepare and eat foods that energize and nourish you, lose weight at the same time. You will uncover your personal obstacles and learn how to overcome them. You CAN lose weight and keep it off. You CAN enjoy vibrant health one step at a time. We will show you the way.

Take Charge of your Health
12 Week Support Group

Location: 1710 W. Main St. #216, Battle Ground, WA

When: Monday p.m. 6:30 – 8:00 & Friday a.m. 9:30 to 11:00

Cost: Special “2013” rate $29.00 per week; regularly $39.00

Instructor Cheryl Butler MA, Wellness Coach

Cheryl is a mental health counselor, wellness coach and certified teacher. She is passionate about seeing people thrive, with over 20 years of experience in treating addictions, co- dependency, grief/loss, trauma/abuse, women's issues, anxiety , depression, eating disorders and weight loss. She is passionate about nutrition and mental health and believes it is important to treat the whole person; body, mind and spirit.

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